RIDER MD3 - Certified S-LSA

Seats: 2
Full dual control - Dual pedals 

Cabin Height: 1,12 m - 44.1"
Cabin Width: 1,17 m - 46"
Length: 5,9 m - 19' 4"
Height: 2,3 m - 7' 7"
Wing Span: 8,50 m - 27.89 ft
Wing Area: 9,90 mq - 106.56 sq ft
Forward swept wing : -3°


Empty Weight: 275 Kg - 606 lbs with 80 HP ROTAX
Empty Weight : 297 Kg - 654.8 lbs with 100 HP ROTAX
Empty weight is dependent upon engine, propeller, avionics, etc.
Max. Gross Weight : up to 560 Kg - 1232 lbs
Max.Take -off Weight: 576 Kg - 1267.2 lbs
Useful load: 277,60 Kg - 612 lbs
Payload with full fuel : 210,92 Kg - 465 lbs


Empty weight : 275 Kg -606 lbs 
Maximal Take-off weight : 440 Kg - 970 lbs 


G Factor: + 4 - 2 


Fuel Capacity: 70 lt - 15.40 gal
Optional: extra - tank 
Fuel: unleaded gasoline


UL empty weight is dependent upon engine, propeller, avionics, etc.


Take Off Distance: 152 m - 500 ft
Landing Distance: 200 m - 656 ft
Climb rate: 7 m/s - 23 ft/sec
Vs - Full flap: 62 Km/h - 38 mph 
Vs - O Flap : 82 Km/h - 51 mph 
Vmax. : 210 Km/h - 130 mph 
Vcr @ 75%: 200 Km/h - 124 mph 
Vne: 275 Km/h - 167 mph
Consumption: 14 lt/h
Endurance: 5 h 
Range: 1000 Km - 621 mil
Performance number will vary depending on workmanship, weight, propeller and fairing.


Standard: WOODCOMP SR 200 B - Woodden 3-blade on the ground adjustable.
1,68 m with 35 mm plug.


Standard Engine: Rotax 80 HP or 100 HP
Engine ROTAX 912 S 100 HP @ 2380 rpm on propeller with anticorro exhaustor with integral heating.
Engine 80 HP Rotax 912 ( option for UL version )



Advanced Aluminium Construction + Composite elements 
Rider has all metal semi-monocoque airframe, primary gluded and riveted from aluminium alloy sheets with blind rivets.
Its design enables longer life and simple maintenance.
MD3 Sport Rider is equipped with full dual control through separated control sticks for both pilots and dual pedals that make this plane ideal for flight schools or cross country flying.


FUSELAGE COCKPIT CAGE is welded from steel tubes. Its basic structure has firewall, engine mounting hinges and front wheel bracket in the front, doors and main gear hinges on its sides and instrument panel frame and seats brackets in the middle.


REAR FUSELAGE PART is riveted from aluminiuam alloy sheets with integral fin and tail hinges in the rear.


SIDE CANOPY DOORS hinged on the front enables great view and easy access.


COMPOSITE ENGINE COWLINGS and rear part of the canopy fairing create natural aerodynamic shape without usual square corners.


ALL METAL WINGS with simple aerodynamically sheped strut and efficient MS(1)-0313 airfoil with OMEGA-beam pressed ribs and integral fuel tanks 72 liters.
Ailerons and large flaps with 15°, 30° and 42° deflection are hinged on rear help-beam.
Large aerodynamically shaped wingtips increase wing efficiency.


TAIL. Classic-type all-metal tail has symmetrical NACA 12% profile.
Elevator has electrically controlled trim-tab as a standard.


FULL DUAL CONTROL with classic joysticks and pedals for both pilots.


FLAP lever, TRIM lever and THROTTLE are places on the central column.
Elevator and ailerons are controlled by rods.
Rudder is controlled by wires in plastic tubes.
Flpas are controlled by electric actuator placed in the cockpit ceiling.


WINGS can be ( optional ) quickly folded to the tail and horizontal tail surfaces can be dismounted for transportation or storage.


TRICYCLE LANDING gear with steerable 16x4" nose wheel, composite legs of main undercarriage and front wheel leg and main fork welded from steel tubes.
16x4" main wheels have hydraulic disc brakes, controlled by lever on the central column.


The RIDER aircraft is designed to be easy to build and to maximize flight performance and efficiency.
The design of the aircaft is the result of extensive research and development by the italian team.
The interior of the RIDER is impressive both for the number of accessories and equipment fit.
There is plenty of headroom and the wide body allows comfortable side by side seating.

Parachute - Digital avionics - extra tank - Floats - 
Agricultural kit - 100 lt tank ( 90 Kg ) + dynamic pump - One pilot operation - 50% fuel -
Folding Wings option